Wednesday, 24 December 2014

RSPCA Young Wildlife Photography Awards

The RSPCA photography awards for young people took place in the tower of London a few days ago, where I would have been if the weather hadn't been too rough to get off Bardsey! I was pleased to hear that one of my images came Runner Up in the 16-18 category. The image was of a Gannet flying over some (yep, you guessed it)...rough seas on Bardsey, back in 2012. The overall winner for this competition was a fantastic back-lit portrait of a Grey Seal by Owen Hearn. You can browse the images at the following link: RSPCA photography awards- 2014 gallery.

Quite a few of the short-listed and winning images for my category and the one below were taken by a number of young photographers who are a member of the group 'Young Wildlife Photographers UK'. I have just recently joined this group, which connects via social media like Facebook, and it is great to see such fantastic images coming from all over the UK. Please take a look at the 'YWPUK' website here, and give them a 'Like' on facebook here.

This is my image of a Gannet that came runner up. I took this in July 2012, when a period of strong winds churned the seas up produced some spectacular seascapes

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