Thursday, 24 September 2015

A Little Egret photography session...

A few days ago I had the pleasure of coming across a number of superb Little Egrets in the harbour here in Penrhyn. I have not had many opportunities to photograph these recent UK colonists, as they usually stop off on Bardsey for a matter of minutes or hours. It was therefore a superb opportunity to have two or three relatively tame birds stalking around in the shallows of the harbour, darting out to snap up small blennies and gobies. A mix of weather conditions provided some great scenes for photography too, from soft backlighting to moody rain storms. I have included a selection of some of my favourites below...

One of my favourites... backlit and converted to B&W afterwards. I think it gives a better effect

A couple of images when a heavy rain shower passed through

A combo of mostly backlit images, with the dark harbour wall providing a great backdrop

Flight shot against the moody skies

Attempt at slow shutter speed flight shot...needs a lot more work!!

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