Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Postcard from Corsica

I am currently on a family holiday on the island of Corsica, east Mediterranean. I just thought I would share a quick post with some highlights of the trip so far, although there are many more images to share and a complete report to follow!

Staying at the coast near Calvi for one week produced species such as Scopoli's Shearwaters, Moltoni's Warblers, Tawny Pipits, Alpine Swifts, Golden Eagle and plenty more besides. We are now staying in a cabin near Moltifao, and have seen some great stuff such as Alpine Choughs, Alpine Accentors, Corsican Finches, Hawfinches and Rock Sparrow.

The lepidoptera, odonata, reptiles and amphibians have been a particular highlight for me so far, with over 20 species of butterflies to see so far! Here are a few taster images...

Alpine Choughs

Cirl Bunting

Italian Pool Frog

Silver-washed Fritillary

Corsican Heath

Copper Demoiselle

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